Top 5 emerging girl influencer to watch out

It is a well-documented fact that the number of children using Instagram has been steadily rising with a recent study showing that there are several accounts that have risen to the top of the list in popularity.

Kid models are in high demand in the entertainment industry today and there’s no shortage of roles that kids can play. From commercials and product advertisements to TV shows and movies, there is a role waiting for every child.

If you have a child that is outgoing and confident, then modeling could be a fun activity for them. They may enjoy the creative process of deciding on outfits, participating in photo shoots, taking care of their appearance, and even being off-set to do other things while not in the limelight highlighting their skills.

According to research, the earlier you teach your children about sets, the more likely they will be at ease when they arrive on one. Starting them young will result in a more fulfilling experience for both of you and may keep them from feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated.

If you’re looking for inspiration for child models, specifically girls, check out our Top 5 recommendations. These girls are full of talent and exude charm.

Shivanjali Porje –  


With her first music video in sept 2021 that too with Shankar Mahdevan, Shivanjali is making her mark. She started in 2019 she started with the TikTok  through which she got known but after the tik tok ban in India , she doesn’t lose hope but instead used instagram reels as a platform, and she’s been growing forward since then.

Praajakta Padhi


Praajakta is an expression queen. She is most fun to watch when she plays the role of a typical Indian MOM. 

Anantya Anand


The Youtube sensation  Anantya received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for entertainment. She started appearing in videos when she was just 4 . She created her channel when she was just 5

Sayesha Singh


Jiana Jain


Her cute smile will win your heart instantly. This little girls is a full package of cuteness, charm and expression. She can rock every look from traditional to western. 

These young girls always find a way to perform both work and school. They’re multi-taskers, who not only blog and model through social media, but also manage their education and family all together. They demonstrate how it’s possible for children to be successful today. These are the ones to be taken inspiration from!

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