The Zuni Chopra Interview

The Zuni Chopra Interview

It’s been a while since our last interview, but we are back with a brand new, remarkable discussion about reading stories and how it’s vital for kids to understand the importance of storytelling. 

Zuni Chopra is an Indian author, who fancies writing fiction stories and poetry. She is currently a sophomore at Stanford University. The House That Spoke is the debut novel of Zuni in which she portrays a magical journey of how darkness makes its way into Kashmir. Her poem entitled The Mountain Range talked about the exam pressure on the students. She is an avid reader who believes one should embrace life as it is.

Preeti Chaturvedi, Founder of TheHappyMomsCafe interviewed Zuni Chopra – The Rising Star in the World of Literature to examine what inspires her to write such phenomenal stories. 

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world” – Robert Mckee

Why do you think it’s important for kids to tell stories?

I think a child’s whole life is influenced by the creativity and wonder they nurture in childhood. The diversity, artistic fulfillment, and intellectual development I’ve seen in my young adult years seem to stem directly from my love for books. And of course, books preserve a magical element of childhood that we will need throughout our lives, and are at risk of losing in adulthood. 

What did your parents do to encourage a culture of reading in the family?

My mother read books to us every night. They also never had a budget of books – at the bookstore, I could have as many books as I could carry( which given how small I was, wasn’t too many, either).

You are an avid reader. What are the three books that you think every child must read and why?

Alice in Wonderland – this book is the epitome of looking at the world as a place full of wonder and magic and potential. 

Coraline – This is the book that inspired me to write – it made me believe that I could tell stories fearlessly, however, I wanted to.

Matilda – this is the book that encourages you to love books! Any of Roald Dahl’s works are brilliant reads.

Which is your favorite kid’s animation movie and why?

Ratatouille. I love the idea that great art can come from anywhere, and that it can change lives. But more than anything, it is the passion for great art, the love of striving for excellence, that always inspires me.

Finally, one quirk of your parents(as parents) that you find funny?

For some reason, my mother has taken a real liking to ludo over quarantine and insists we have a family game after lunch every day. It’s been nearly a year since we first started playing, and though my brother and I are long bored of it, we’re still playing every day because of how happy it makes her!

Stories make us dream of the world in which we so desperately want to travel. Not only our stories give us hope but it also instills in us a newborn curiosity to experience life through our mind. When we share our stories to the universe we accidentally open a new magical door of innumerous possibilities. We unknowingly enter into an invisible world where our dreams and passion collides. Stories make it feasible for us to be human, and to see the world differently. 

“Humans think in stories and we try to make sense of the world by telling stories.”

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