The Little Leaders: Westland Partners With TheHappyMomsCafe for a Series Showcase

The Little Leader Series

As an initiative to inspire toddlers, leading publisher, Westland Publications has partnered with inclusive parenting blog, The Happy Mom’s Café for a showcase series on The Little Leaders. The thought was inspired by a collection of beautifully illustrated picture books for children aged five to eight-year-olds, published by Red Panda ( an imprint of Westland Publications).

Each book in the Little Leaders series will introduce young readers to an incredible story of people who followed their dreams, despite all odds. These tales of passion and courage will emphasise that turning-point in the lives of role models, some of them as old as the readers themselves.

The series will offer a primer and encourage toddlers to learn more about the lives of these achievers who created social impact.

Speaking about the collaboration, Preeti Chaturvedi, Founder of TheHappyMomsCafe ( ) said, “As a parent, there is nothing that delights me more than when my child is able to learn and get inspired. This initiative is to offer a meaningful showcase into the lives of these inspiring public figures. The idea is that by leaning about their value systems, our little ones will get inspired and have the courage to follow their own convictions.”

The series resonates in the context of the recent historical achievement of Mithali Raj of becoming the first female cricketer to score 10,000 International runs. “If there was one thing that little Mithali loved more than anything else, it was to sleep and dream beautiful dreams. But when her mother encouraged her to follow her dreams, she discovered that it’s harder than she thought. It took her a lot of grit and determination to be the champion cricketer that the world knows today.” Reads one of the passages from the series.

The authors, Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy, chime in “For the first four books in the Little Leaders series, we wanted to start out with people from diverse fields and backgrounds, to show young children how they are someone just like them—someone who was a kid just like them, someone who had dreams like them, someone who had difficulties just like them but somehow found the drive and tenacity to move forward to get  what they wanted.”

The showcase will go live on on the 25th of March.

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