Ladies. Color Away Your Blues!

Adult Coloring

We live in crazy times and mommies sure have too much on their plate. Meditation and mindfulness are words we hear a lot but how many of us really have the patience to follow this science? We have an easy hack. Get yourself some of those adult coloring books and unleash your inner artist.

Art Therapy has been used as a high benefit intervention in many diseases including mental illness. For our purposes, let’s take a quick look at why this indulgence might help you detach.

1) Adult Coloring books are full of intricate patterns which require a lot of focus. This helps shift the attention completely to the task and in that sense is not very different from meditation.

2) Coloring can also be a very good way for mums to deal with anxiety and obsessive disorders. The degree of intensity required in coloring means the focus remains away from negative thoughts for a sustained period of time.

3) Unlike many other forms of art which require professional training and a lot of paraphernalia, coloring books are easy to procure and you need no special handholding to get started. The results are immediate- for the mind and soul.

4) What’s more, coloring can also be used as a fun time for family bonding. As opposed to giving in to binge watching screens with your family for that little break, why not color as a team? You will realize this will be surprisingly calming and the benefit will be a creatively productive exercise which you can cherish as a memory too.

So folks, like we said, color away your blues!

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