Mahima Chaudhry on parenting, multi-tasking, me-time and more!

Mahima Chaudhry on parenting, multi-tasking, me-time and more!

Mahima Chaudhry has always loved to play challenging roles. Her outstanding debut in Pardes opposite Shah Rukh Khan turned out to be a classic. Mahima is known for her candid approach to life. In an exclusive with The Happy Mom’s café, the supermom talks about how she has become an expert on the skill of multitasking and how she manages to spend quality time with her lovely daughter, Ariana.

What is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

The most rewarding part of being a mom is that you are the most important person in your child’s life. The way they look at you, the way they hug you and how their world revolves around you- these little somethings, make any parent feel super special.

This bond becomes even more evident in moments of sadness, when they cuddle you and share their emotions, the moment you hold them in your arms and they feel your warmth and love-that’s when you realize you are their whole world. And that in itself is the most rewarding part of being a mom.

How do you handle the crazy multitasking that comes with parenting?

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I think I manage to cope with multitasking pretty well. Even at night when I am trying to fall asleep, I have this to-do list running constantly in my head. Like what I have to do when I wake up or when I am running around my house.

I maintain this to-do list even on my phone and a diary, which helps me remember all the important tasks I have to complete.

Multitasking has always been the specialty of moms, and even though it’s tough to manage everything at once, I still cope with it quite well. I learn from all the moms around me who have become experts in their multitasking roles.

How tough has it been being a single parent?

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Being a single parent has been easier for me because of the support system I have at home. I have my parents and my sister who always take care of all the things when I am not around.

Especially when I am working or traveling or doing my live events, I know that there is always someone there to offer me constant support and take care of all the things at home.

I also believe that more often than not, mothers end up taking the primary responsibility of parenting. For example, from changing diapers to handling liters, from what is happening in the classroom to helping the kids with their projects. Or even when the kids have a fancy costume day. Most moms are the ones who are constantly running around and helping their kids with all their work.

Also, whenever I am at an event, most people come to ask me who I am with or where I left my daughter. And I say she is with my mother or my sister.

But generally, no one asks the same question to a male actor.

Do you get me-time?

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Yes, I enjoy my me-time a lot. It starts from the minute I leave home to go to an event from the airport to my hotel.

As the event is usually expected to be a one-hour event. Before that, I sometimes go to a spa to relax, sometimes I go meet my friends who are currently in that city or spend time talking to my friends and family on the phone. Also, I do most of my shopping when I am outside Mumbai.

Also, when I’m at home or in Mumbai, I always try to stay occupied by running little errands and taking care of my home. I believe my me-time requires a quiet place where I get to read and enjoy my company.

Being a mom is hard, it sure has its pros and cons. Standing up to the expectations of kids, society, and dealing with all the mom-shaming. A mom has already a lot on her shoulders. Especially when you are a celebrity mom, your challenges are infinite. Sometimes they have to suffer in silence to offer their kids all the happiness in the world. That’s why the voice of a celebrity mom needs to be heard. It’s time all the moms start speaking about their role as a parent and the challenges that come with it. Due to their glamorous life, people start assuming that for celebrity moms everything comes easy. But the sad truth is being a mom has its own struggles.

Nonetheless, the experience of being a mother is undoubtedly one of the most incredible gifts. I have personally found it extremely rewarding and satisfying beyond imagination.

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