Planning Baby Shower With Top 3 Planners In Mumbai

Whether you are mom-to-be , dad-to-be , or the best friend of the mom-to-be. You want the baby shower to be remembered as one of the best moments in your life in the journey of becoming a MOM!

Baby showers are also known as ‘Godh Bharai’ in India. All the women of the family, close relatives, and friends come together and celebrate the mom by performing a small pooja. It is celebrated during the pregnancy to pray for the good health of the mother and baby, and for the safe delivery of the baby.. 

It’s an occasion where friends and relatives come together to celebrate the couple’s pregnancy, as well as offer congratulations and encouragement. But most importantly, it’s an occasion for guests to collectively share their excitement with the couple as they prepare for parenthood.

Planning the perfect baby shower doesn’t need to be the stressful ordeal it often is. There are plenty of things you can do to make it an event to remember without doing anything over the top. 

Baby showers can be both fun and tricky to host. As the host, you are responsible for providing the guests with entertainment options during the duration of their visit. It’s not an easy task to plan ahead, but it pays off because your guests will have a memorable time. One way to make your baby shower more fun is by hosting games. 

  1. guess the gender of the baby – Make an interesting and creative way for the guests to write their guesses for the gender of te baby.
  2. Write on Diapers – When you have kids, it seems like there’s always a loading of dirty diapers to deal with! With this fun baby shower game,the guests have to write funny messages for mom and dad on the diapers. This will make them smile long after the baby is bron.
  3. Predicting the Birthdate of the baby- You can create a drop box- all the guests have to write their predicted date for the baby. Once the baby arrives the winner will get a special treat from the parents.
  4. Trivia Games – prepare a trivia game regarding the Mom-to-be – All about Mom.All the friends and family members will have to guess the correct answers whoever guess the mst correct will get a special prize from the mom-to-be

To help you out in the planning process of the perfect baby shower. We’ve listed the Best 5 Baby Shower Planners in Mumbai that will take care of your special day from  sending invites to organising the baby shower that you will cherish forever.







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