Sunday is supposed to be a fun day

Sunday is supposed to be a fun day.

“Happy Sunday, count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.”

Sundays are a blessing, a day where one can relax all day and spend their time with their loved ones. Where there is complete peace and zero tension about work or meeting any deadlines. Where all the family members are free from their hectic work life and can enjoy and chill with their dear and close ones. 

It is the day when you can complete all your pending tasks that might be lingering through the week, due to your laziness and messed-up routine. 

Sundays allow you to breathe freely once a week, to listen to what your heart says, and do what makes you happy.

 But today, enjoying a Sunday is not so easy. There is a lot of work that comes in your way of enjoyment. Shops have to be visited, corners of the house have to be scrubbed, friends who you have not seen in the last few years choose to show up at your front door, and finally, you need a break from the monotonous day-to-day work.

“A Sunday-well spent brings a week of happiness and content.”

If you randomly pick an instance you will find, children are busy with television and adults are busy with work which they have kept on a halt and reserved for Sunday. This should not be the approach for Sunday. 

Sunday is the “play game” day! It is that day from the seven stressful days which is reserved for relaxing, chilling, and spending your time with your children. Laughing with them, eating together, chit-chatting with them, and playing different games with them. 

The main conclusion is that you should engage with your family as much as you can. If you are a parental figure in your family then it is your responsibility that you request and convince everyone in the family to spend this one free day together. To leave their respective work if it is not essential and perform some engaging activities together. 

The activities can be just cleaning your house together, washing your car, or clearing leaves and sticks from the garden. This will also help in improving your mutual understanding and teach you how to coordinate with one another perfectly.

One of the most important instructions should be that everyone should abandon their cell phone or any other technology such as tablet or laptop. They should invest most of their time with their family, physically and mentally. 

It can be a hike and picnic in the mountains, which can be your happy place. Maybe a kitty party in which your close ones are invited or a flag football at the beach. And many other activities that are suitable for you. 

The choices are boundless when it comes to Sunday Funday activities – the only condition is you have a blast doing it. Here are a few of our personal favorite Sunday Funday activities to give you some inspiration.

Whether your type of Sunday-Funday includes sports, countryside visits, various dishes to taste, or couch potato-ing, here are some tips to make your Sunday a fun day.

1:- Gameday – play some interesting games that your kids will most definitely like. Games like cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc, are some that your kids really enjoy. 

2:- Pool Party – floating on the water and vibing with family is something that will definitely make your Sunday exciting. 

3:- Cooking delicious food together brings your family closer and creates an atmosphere of healthy conversations. 

4:- Travel to some park and enjoy a  fantastic picnic with family and friends– Adventure is what makes our life exciting. And a picnic is the perfect vacation to relax your mind and soul.

5:- Go on a long drive – just get in the car and go! Who knows where you’ll end up or what you will grasp, and that is what makes it enjoyable. 

6:- DIY day – Pick a craft, which you and your friends have been waiting to make and give it a try. Voila! Instant happiness.

7:- Video Games – playing old school and new school games on the couch with your best buddies, literally what else can make your Sunday better?  

Step out into the fresh air.  Stay in greenery for a while. Calm your mind. Outdoor pleasures are extremely underrated. Not only a short expedition will relax your mood but it is also proved to be a great occasion for exercise. 

If you have been thinking of reducing that extra acquired fat, then go out and jog, walk or do any outdoor physical activity that you really enjoy. Grab your family together and try to discover cool new places to explore. Visit a town which you have always wanted to, or go for a march in the woods. 

“Start this Sunday with a clean heart, no doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry. Thank God for his priceless gifts, and show gratitude for taking care of your friends and family.”

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