Why kids should be made aware of sexual harassment

Why kids should be made aware about sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an act of violence and abuse by a perpetrator, who has power or authority over the victim, to establish power and dominance over the victim for sexual purposes.

It can take many forms: from verbal harassment to physical assault. It is also possible for a person to have committed sexual harassment without realizing it. That’s why it’s crucial to teach children about consent, so they know when someone is crossing that line with them.

Many people believe that they should be made aware of sexual harassment because, according to research, many kids don’t have an understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment or how to react when they’re confronted with this situation.

To prevent sexual harassment from happening in the first place, we need to empower our children with knowledge about their bodies, their rights, and how they can respond if someone touches them inappropriately or harasses them on the street.

Kids need to be made aware of sexual harassment so that they can recognize it and avoid it. Schools should be teaching them about the dangers of sexual harassment, along with the consequences.

It will help children to understand the consequences of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a type of bullying that has become more and more common.

It is when someone uses their power to pressure or force someone else into unwanted sexual behaviors, like touching, grabbing, or even demanding sexual acts. When kids are made aware of this problem early on, they will be better able to avoid it and also know how to react if they encounter it.

Children need to be aware of what sexual harassment is and how it can affect them. They should be taught about it from a young age to prevent future harassment and help them react correctly if they do experience it.

They should also learn about their bodies, how they are meant to protect themselves, and where they can go for help if something does happen to them.

While sexual harassment is considered a wrong subject, but with the right intentions, it can save someone from getting bullied or sexually abused. It generally happens in two ways.

One is the part where a person touches your intimate parts inappropriately and the other includes the use of sexually abusive language, exposing one’s private parts to arouse sexual desire, or forcing the child to undress himself.

When children will be getting enough knowledge about these subjects, that’s they will be able to say no to someone who will force them against their will. Tell your child to speak up if anyone makes them uncomfortable or touches them without permission. Teach them to fight back, resist and get away from any weird person.

Sometimes children pretend that they have understood your point, but they do not always express how it made them feel. Ask them to communicate their feelings and never suppress their emotions. Be an active listener, understand whether your talks are making them uncomfortable or anxious. 

Parents mostly restrict themselves when it comes to talking about sexual abuse. They wonder when will be the right time to disclose such sensitive information to their kids.

They hesitate to talk in a friendly manner, thinking what effect it will leave on their child’s innocent mind. But the reality is the sooner your child knows the better it will help them look out for their safety.

Being educated is not the only goal but children should also be made aware of the potential threats that might affect their physical and mental state. 

“Sexual abuse is not easy to talk about. Most children won’t. So we have to.”

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