Top 5 Mom Bloggers share how to keep kids entertained while you work from home

There’s no doubt about it: trying to juggle working from home with children is challenging. Whether you’re teleconferencing, focusing on writing, or trying to balance a budget, having kids around your home office is tricky.

Read and meet some amazing mommy bloggers that will teach you how to keep your little ones entertained while you fulfill your passion.

1.      Harpreet Suri 

Ig: @MomWearsPrada

Harpreet Suri was previously a corporate hustler and is now a full-time mom influencer. She is a super juggler and has donned many hats. Her Instagram handle teaches us something cool and kick-ass every single day. She is a very well-known name on Social Media, who was recently awarded as one of the Top 50 Influential Women of the World.

2.  Richa 

Ig: @urbanmantra1

A full-time working mom, on the blog Richa documents her daily wearable styles as much as she talks about motherhood. My personal favorite is the part where she does a recap of her monthly looks on the blog. She is equally passionate about styling a skirt in different ways as she is about doing interesting activities with her boys Krishnav and Arjun.

3.  Nikki 

Ig: @mummy_ka_pitara

A mom of two boys based in Jaipur. Nikki started mummy_ka_pitara as a community to connect with moms on different levels of humor related to parenting. The child of acting is alive in her, all thanks to hilarious videos she posts on the Instagram community. Her page is all about positivity, motivation, and fun. Have a look at it! You won’t be disappointed.

4.  Sushmita 

Ig: @wildberriesandfables

An Indian mom currently residing in the UK Sushmita is raising three multiracial children. She shares daily moments after her usual life in adulthood, parenting, and love for books. Her feed is a mix of fun elements plus very sensitive topics like Racism, Veganism which you otherwise won’t find on other channels. Raw, honest, unfiltered emotions are what best describe this mum’s Instagram feed.

5.  Rashmi 

Ig: @notjustmommying

Rashmi a mom blogger based in Mumbai is a Hotel management graduate with an MBA. She started her blogging journey as part of documenting various milestones of her son. Rashmi recently started DIYs and upcycling projects, which got rave reviews on various Facebook communities.

Adjusting to working with (very) young colleagues is truly challenging, but having some activities for your kids to play independently while you work will make for a happy and less anxious time. When work is done, family playtime will help you in keeping yourself relaxed!

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