The positives of a being a single parent

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.”

If you tell children to sketch a joyful family, they are likely to draw both a mother and a father with a lovely sibling. But the truth is that a single-parent family can be just as happy and efficient as a two-parent family.

Generally, we see that most single parents are more likely to be single mothers. We usually associate foreign countries with single parenting. However, it is nothing new even in India.

Becoming a single parent by adoption or artificial insemination is not as common in India, although the numbers could rise in the future. With the increasing rate of domestic violence and divorce, fewer children will feel the necessity to ask what single parenting is.

Single parents contest problems that revolve around the single parent’s life, the dare of living alone in India, providing financial funds for your kids, and how to be an effective single parent.

But with the negative sides of being a single parent, there are positive aspects of single parenting simultaneously. Which are as follows:

1 .Relationship get stronger

The connection between the kid and the parent strengthens when the kid spends time with them discreetly. The single parent becomes the person to fulfill all the needs of the child. If the parent realizes the duties of this role then the child will nurture up to be a responsible individual who is not judgemental.

2. Wisdom of responsibility

The children of single parents see the hustle of their parents to meet their requirements. Being the only earning single parents often have to do a lot of things for the kids.

The kid is constantly having an eye on this activity which provides them a sense of wisdom. So they start understanding their responsibility and they try to help as much as they can. They built a sense of responsibility without any teaching from the parents.

3. Hearty home atmosphere

Parents believe that it is better to dodge a separation for the sake of the children and so they keep on living in a toxic relationship. But in these cases, the destruction made is more than in the case of separation. The broods are regularly witnessed to the unpleasantness which their parents feel for each other.

The fights happen in front of the children. So in the house where a single parent is taking care of the kid, it is much sorted. The parents have acknowledged the truths and moved on. That is a relieving factor.

4. Learning to face difficulties

Going through a divorce is not anything easy. The kid and the parent both go through hard times together, the child learns to deal with misfortune quite early in life and they become mentally tougher to face any condition in the future.

5. Learning to prioritize better

Single parents have to arrange with optimal skill because in a short period they have to take the burden of several responsibilities. They have to make tensions between extremely important work and taking care of their kids accordingly.

The kids also learn from parents to manage priorities very early in life making them more effective to face such situations in life.

6. Maturity

The children who go through such a situation cultivate a sense of maturity earlier than the other children. They understand the need of the hour and want to back their parents in any possible way they can.

They learn to grow out of their opinions and learn to look at life without any fixed concepts. They learn to accept a state that might not be easy for them but learn to accept it and move on.

7. Extended family

Single parents often get support from relatives and friends. The constructive influence of so many people chipping in helps in molding the child’s future. 

The virtue of helping others comes naturally to them because they have witnessed others helping them.

“Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.”

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