Ten Ways for Mums To Chill This Winter Season!

Ten Ways for Mums To Chill This Winter

Brrrr. It’s so cold! It is, isn’t it? But winter isn’t only about the freezing weather, it is also about warm scarves, steaming mugs of cocoa and making snowmen. All these activities are best enjoyed with family and a mother is usually the one who takes care of everything and arranges everything without taking a break or thinking about herself for a moment. Therefore, it is very important to give all the mommies (yes! you too) of the world some time to rejuvenate because while mothering is a wonderful opportunity to create a bond between the child and the mother and that bond only grows stronger if once in a while, the mother has a few moments to herself. Here in this article there are 10 different ways listed on how you can take time off while simultaneously also engaging the children! So, go ahead and read them but don’t forget to try them at home…

An activity you both enjoy- the best way to relax is by doing an activity that we love, so start with a timetable where you can teach your son/daughter the hobby that you love. Don’t confine your child by gender roles, if you enjoy cooking, bake cookies with your son and if you love outdoorsy activities like hiking, go do them with your daughter.

Get creative- build a blanket fort with your kids and let them pretend they are in a different era with kings and knights and while they tire themselves out acting out this made up story, you can sit and relax with a hot cup of cocoa (or something strong…).

Find new friends- losing people close to you when you have a child occupying all your time is very common and often leads to disastrous outcomes and a general feeling of gloominess due to the inability of talking to a person of your own age. Therefore, to get some sense of normalcy in your life try talking to people your own age with children of their own and enjoy a hearty banter over the antics of all your children with mothers in similar situation as yours.

Dress up – Don’t just reminisce about the times you dolled up with your new beret and went out to have fun , do the same now with your children and go shopping while splurging on winter fashion because let’s face it, winter clothes are in a league of their own.

Exercise – it is very easy to fall in a rut after having children and even more so during the winter season where one loses all productivity and becomes a regular couch potato. Don’t be that way, exercise your body and your mind, and remind yourself how great it would be to fit in those college jeans again while also enveloping your little one in fun filled regime of pumped muscles and sweat.

Do movie marathons– pick a movie that you like which is also children friendly for example, harry potter or frozen or the marvel/DC franchise and watch them consecutively with the lights dimmed, blankets and a bunch of popcorn. This method will give an aura of cinematic experience, while also with the added advantage of the children being comfortable and relaxed in the secure environment that is their home.

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