Spend your free time playing with kids

“Kids don’t need expensive things, they want parents who spend quality time with them.”

Life is hectic, and we know that it’s a particularly big deal for parents and adults. Our responsibilities at hand become fuller and we have additional priorities that take control over our essential family time. 

Some days we are so ignorant of our children’s requirements that we barely have time to take a break and spend quality time with them. 

We have so much on our hands to take care of: cooking, washing dishes, naughty kids to discipline, and a lot of other hectic tasks. When you begin to sense that your entire day is wasted on time-stealing boring activities instead of spending time with your precious kids. 

You begin to wonder what else I am undertaking if not spending quality time with them.

Quality time means giving your children the much-needed attention, joining them in their favourite playful activities, and appreciating them for their small wins. 

It can be as modest as sparing a fixed number of hours every day with no other list of complications to disturb you. By doing this, you are showering upon your children much-needed love and affection. 

This will help to keep them mentally and emotionally strong. We as parents need to understand the significance of spending time with our youngsters. 

You must tell your kid you love them every day, this will help your kid know that you not only value and appreciate them but also love them despite all their flaws. 

Try to bond with your kid every day, be it before school or later, through break times or before their bedtime, set aside a definite time for doing the activities that will make your parent-child bond even stronger. 

This can also be a family entertaining time where you and your spouse can make accurate use of this time together and enjoy it with your kid. 

When you spend time with your child, be sure to stay away from all Technology, turn off your phones, and avoid doing any task or office work at this hour of quality time. 

Ignore text messages and calls during this time and avoid watching TV while spending time with your kids. This comes to show when you are dealing with youngsters. 

As the dynamics of the connection turns tricky, you need to know them from their viewpoint, what they are going through. 

In this instance, you need to act with your child as a friend to gain their trust no matter how difficult it seems. 

The greatest way to bond with them would be to recognize when to step in as a parent and when to be a pal. 

You need to converse with them and share your experiences about the problems and the complications you faced growing up, the errors you made, and how you tried to fix your blunders. 

This will aid your youngster to respect you and allow him to openly communicate with you, which in turn will help speed up the bonding process.


•        Aids in building self-confidence in your kids

Kids, whose parents take part in events together, build a constructive sense of self-esteem. Progenies feel that their parents value them, and this boosts their self-image and fill their minds with positivity.

•        Nurturing an affectionate environment:

When there is love and coordination between the parents and the kids, the effect reverberates around you and offers you a loving, reliable and cheerful environment.

•        Helps in increasing constructive behaviour and academic performance:

Children who spend more time with their parents grow up to be mature individuals. Spending time with your kid’s schoolwork or doing events like reading to them or reading with them, will nurture an atmosphere where your kids will value education and will be more likely to achieve better both academically and in life.

•        Diminishes stress:

Being a parent is tough, juggling between work, personal interests, parenting and additional duties can be traumatic and therefore spending time with your kid can act as a stress buster.

•        Helps in developing good communication skills:

When you are spending time with your children, you’re also providing them with a friendly atmosphere. Open communication is vital for your children to share what they feel and express themselves openly. 

“Spending quality time with your children is always the right decision

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