Ahead of World Environment Day, meet our Happy Mom, Juhi Saxena who is leading a zero-waste lifestyle.

“After completing my education from HIMCS, Mathura, I took up the job of Quality Analyst in an IT Company rtCamp. I have one daughter, Kashvi, who is 3.8 years old. I am living a zero -waste lifestyle and really look forward to more and more people being conscious about the environment.

I also manage a page @mommyingwork and website  where I share about my sustainable journey and help parents in home schooling and gentle parenting. I have always loved writing and sharing. I used to write technical blogs before and now I share about Sustainability in the hope that more people become conscious about the environment and take some positive actions.

I am blessed with the good support of my Employer and my Family in creating a balance between my work and being a mother. Besides that, planning the day ahead worked really great for me. I don’t try to do all things in one day, I set the priority and do it accordingly.

Of course, life changes after a baby, priority changes, but I wouldn’t say that I have sacrificed anything. For me writing, reading was me-time and I still do that so no I didn’t sacrifice my me-time. I also believe a mother should have her me time, it could be different for everyone, but only a happy mother can raise a happy child.

Fortunately, I have a very supporting family, my mother in law and my mother both were working women so they understand the importance of work. My husband believes in equal parenting so he always did his good share. When I used to breastfeed at night then he was the one who used to make our daughter burp. When I was busy in office meetings, he used to take care of her from feeding, changing nappies or making her sleep. Parenting is not only the mother’s responsibility, it’s both parents’ responsibility.

I think that you can say I am the luckiest person who got a chance to stay at home, taking care of my kid and family with a well- paying career and I would like to mention that in today’s era there are 1000s of opportunities of working from home so moms who can’t afford going out, don’t get disappointed, look for work from home options. You can do freelancing, join a company which has remote culture like mine, you can also earn by creating content on Instagram, YouTube or any blogging platform. So take the leap moms and find your passion.  

Don’t try to be a super mom, ask for help wherever required, hire help, ask for support from family. Being a mom is enough, it itself is a huge role. So be kind to yourself and remember no matter what someone says you are doing great mommy because you know best for your kid.

To the kids whose moms are working woman, your mom is trying her best to support the family, be supportive to her. One day you will be proud of her. I can say that because I had a working mom and I am so proud of her that she raised us so well. If not for her, I may not have that passion of doing something for me.”

Visit Juhi’s page here:

Juhi Saxena, Founder (@mommyingwork)

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