How to organize your little one’s room

Tired of trying to find your little one’s room in a complete mess? Their toys occupy every nook and corner of their tidy rooms. If your kid is messy, cluttered, and constantly losing things in their bedroom, it may be time to reorganize the space. 

It’s not an easy task for many parents. There are several ways that you can reorganize your child’s room to make it more tidy and functional.

Do you find yourself having to share a bedroom with your children? If so, then this article is for you. We’ll discuss how to organize your kid’s room to divide spaces between individuals and give each person sufficient space for their belongings and how much sleep they need at night.

 Here are some ways to organize your kid’s room.

1. Don’t let your kids clean alone, help them whenever you are free.

Thanks to your kid’s unlimited collection of comic books, toys, clothes, and crafts. Cleaning a little one’s room may feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t force your kids to clean everything at once, instead, help them consistently keep it tidy and well-maintained. 

Don’t just work for them, work with them. It will not only make your bond, even more, stronger but also give your kid a companion to talk to while cleaning. When they notice you getting involved, their excitement jumps on to the next level.

2. Set up a toy rack

It sounds like a no-brainer, but many parents forget this step when they’re rushing to pick up all of their child’s toys. 

Setting up a place where your child knows they can put away their toys will go a long way. It will teach them to manage all their toys and organize them in their toy rack. Once it becomes a habit, it will make all your tension go away. 

You will be spared from constantly yelling at your children for cleaning their room regularly. Also, it will nurture their fine motor skills and help them become more organized and balanced in their daily life.

3. Create special storage for toys of indefinite sizes

Clear the floor of any clutter and designate different areas for certain types of toys – like puzzles, blocks, or dress-up clothes – by designating shelves or columns for each type. 

Toys that take up unnecessary space, store them in a more secluded place so that it doesn’t come in the way. Spacious rooms allow your kid to be more creative, whereas untidy rooms block their imagination, thereby decreasing their productivity and playful time.

4. Label everything! 

You definitely need to use a strategy in place before you buy a ton of storage bins.

Labeling bins so that you know what’s inside is a great way to help kids learn where to throw the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. 

Kids are always spontaneous and in a hurry, they might not know where to throw the garbage, but once you label the dustbins, their minds will automatically know when and where to empty their trash.

5. Start with the clothes

Many children’s rooms are a complete mess as they grow older. But it is not too difficult to organize their things when you know-how.

First, let’s start with clothes. Pick up the clothes from the floor and put them in the dresser. 

Next, clean up the toys and put them into toy boxes or drawers according to one specific type. 

Finally, organize books by subject or genre. By creating these boundaries, you are instructing your kids to identify their stuff and giving them lots of free spaces to roam around and play joyously. 

They will honor the spaces and be more active from now onwards. 


Set a good example. Take a break sometimes and observe whether your kids follow in your footsteps and keep their rooms organized and tidy. 

Even something as small as keeping your shoes back in the shoe rack once you get back home can be a mini-lesson for them. 

Help them make their room clean and well-maintained because this is where the fun stuff happens.

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