Why bedtime is supposed to be fun and exciting

“Bedtime is not only for saying goodnight, it’s also for saying tomorrow we will live a new day.”

Children love to sleep and when they close their eyes at night, all they want is for someone to pamper them, for someone to tell them a good night story, and for someone to stay with them until they fall asleep.

Bedtime routines of children should be consistent and carried out every night with love and comfort. Bedtimes should make the children understand the night is the time for relaxing their bodies, shedding off all their worries, and of hearing some good peaceful stories that will calm their mind and at the same time leave some room for their imagination. Quality sleep today has become a necessity for children. 

Improper sleep can cause your child to be insomniac, struggle to have a good sleep and as a result wake up frustrated the next morning. 

That is why creating a healthy and fun bedtime routine is extremely important for your child’s peaceful sleep.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” – Irish Proverb

When a regular sleep pattern is followed, it often tends to offer the child a sense of security and calmness. Once they learn the importance of good sleep, while they are still young, nothing can disturb them anymore. 

They will never feel lethargic or irritated by anyone’s behavior, and no matter what the circumstances they will handle them with patience and calmness. 

Bedtimes are supposed to be fun and exciting as they not only give your child a great scope for imagination but also foster a healthy parent-child bond. 

When children sleep with magical stories in their minds, not only do they forget about their bad day but also it relieves them from a frustrated mood, unnecessary stress, and bad behavioral tendencies. 

In the long run, an exciting bedtime teaches a child how to inculcate healthy sleeping habits and also prepares them for better academic performance, thus building their social skills by teaching them the importance of compassion and kindness. 

” As in the end, only three things matter:

how much you are loved,

how gently you lived your life and,

how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Gautama Buddha

Children who don’t follow a good bedtime routine, are more likely to face anger issues and sleep problems. 

On the other hand, children who are lucky enough to sleep with fun and exciting stories lingering in their minds turn out to be playful, lively beings with a handful of extra energy and extra enthusiasm. 

Oftentimes parents wonder how a mere bedtime routine can affect a child’s mood. They believe only a good sleep is sufficient and there is no need for excitement and fun at night.

 They also believe that bedtimes should be quiet and peaceful. Well if you ask us, good sleep is definitely one of the most important factors in having a healthy and playful mind.

But often children tend to possess more active and energetic behaviors when they are introduced to some super cool activities before bedtime. 

Children are curious little beings, who are easily tired of the same boring routine. In order to reinvite their lost imagination, parents need to take care of the fact their child sleeps with healthy and entertaining dreams. 

Dreams that not only boost their mood but also light up their imagination tenfold. 

If your child often faces trouble sleeping then you can try some of these interesting bedtime activities that will make your child’s sleep fun, exciting, and peaceful.  

1:- Their favorite snack with secret nutritious benefits

2:- A soothing bath with a relaxing music

3:- Reading a book that brings out their creative imagination

4:- Reciting them melodious lullabies, or their favorite songs

5:- Massaging their head slowly

6:- Cuddling them into a good night’s sleep

7:- Remembering some fun times and joyous memories together

8:- Talking about their day

9:- Telling them fun and exciting stories which make them dream in peace

10:- Last but not least, giving them a goodnight kiss on their forehead and comforting them with a soft blanket for extra reassurance.

“Three meals plus bedtime make four sure blessings each day.” –  Mason Cooley

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