Top 6 Parent Bloggers That Will Help You Make Single Parenthood Easier

The life of a single-parent household—though common—can be quite stressful for adult and children.

Being a parent can be overwhelming. For those who don’t have a full-time partner to help out, it can be even harder. So many single parents turn to blogs for inspiration on how to keep going. It can be difficult juggling a work-life, social life, and parenting. After all, parenting is like a second full-time job. Of course, you love your little ones. But, the reality is if you’re a single mom or dad, sometimes your struggles may make you feel like you’re drowning.

Here are some amazing parent bloggers that will show you nothing is difficult when you have to do it alone and especially when it comes to responsibilities.

  1. Ishna Batra

Ig: @mammaslifestyle

Ishna is a mommy of two adorable kids. She’s a perfect example of a new generation of moms who don’t miss to hear her heart and give the idea of parenting a new definition. Her influencing skills are not restricted to parenting. Apart from this, she is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencer that you must follow in 2021.

  1. Farah

Ig: @mumfiesta

Farah is one of the most famous mom influencers who has been featured in various digital magazines like QnA India, Ibb India, etc. Brands love to collaborate with Farah for her unique and individual audience approach. She is a digital marketer, PR, Blogger, and ex-corporate woman who used to juggle her life between Mumbai and Delhi.

  1. Richa

Ig: @urbanmantra1

Richa is a famous blogger who loves sharing styling ideas and parenting tips with her audience. Someone who is interested in getting amazing tips on various aspects of parenting and lifestyle must follow her.

  1. Apurva

Ig: @mommyhues

Apurva is a YouTube and content creator who loves sharing her own voice with parenting tips. She has collaborated with many brands most of them being baby and skincare products. She loves to share her child’s various activities with her audience to provide a better insight into how it feels to be a parenting influencer.

  1. Puja Singh

Ig: @sassymomworld


Puja is a parenting influencer and also a certified personal trainer where people love her fitness content a lot. Post-pregnancy if you are looking to shed a few pounds you must follow puja, from cardio to full-body exercise you can get a handful of fitness tips.

  1. Harpreet Suri

Ig: @momwearsprada

Harpreet is a former corporate hustler turned full-time parenting influencer. She has been recognized before many times, among which the most searched Indian Mom Blogger Google is worth mentioning. She is also ranked amongst the most influential moms. From creating parenting and lifestyle content to promoting skincare and baby products she is all you can look for in a parenting influencer.

No one ever said being a parent would be easy, but being a single parent takes those challenges to the next level. You love your kids with all your heart, but it’s a lot to do on your own. Single parenthood can be incredibly isolating, too. That’s why we put together this list. You’re not alone: These parents are here to inspire you, and remind you just how strong you are.

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