The 5 Most Inspiring Dads Breaking Stereotypes & Setting The Bar For All Dads Out There

Fatherhood is a journey. It’s both a physical and emotional evolution. The first step of the journey is to embrace the change, and this starts before he ever enters his child’s life. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. When we think about fatherhood, we often think about how fathers were in the past and how they are now; but it’s also worth looking at how fatherhood as an institution has evolved over time.

Fathers are more involved in childcare than ever before. They are taking up more than just child-rearing tasks like changing diapers or cooking or taking care of siblings when their partner needs some time off – they are also taking care of their children’s emotional needs by reading bedtime stories to them at night or playing games with them when they’re down.

The role of fatherhood is evolving so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with what is expected for dads today.

Instagram has given these fathers a platform to share, motivate and inspire more and more dads. Not only are they sharing their stories, but they are also providing advice on the challenges that fathers face every day. These men are breaking down stereotypes about fatherhood in their community. They show others what it means to be a loving father by being present in their children’s lives.

The role of fatherhood is evolving so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up with the latest expectations for fathers nowadays. While society has come a long way in terms of shifting the expectations placed on fathers, there are still many people who believe that fathers should provide primarily for their families.

We have come up with our Top 5 dad influencers – that you should definitely follow!

Abhijeet Mehrotra


Sarb Randhawa

Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal

Sumit Malik

There are a few universal truths about fathers that most dads share. We all want to be the best dad we can be. We all want to protect and provide for our families. Our influencer Dad’s are no more less in reality with these Truths.

Follow these Dads on their journey to be the best DAD for their child!!

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