DIY craft ideas for toddlers

DIY Craft Ideas For Toddlers

The toddler years are a time of great emotional and social development. At this particular age, toddlers learn the ability to interact with the world, develop new skills, understand different languages, and play alongside other children.

Toddlers are free and spontaneous, they know no rules or regulations. Throwing and retrieving objects is their favorite hobby. Toddlers are often in their exploratory phase, they are trying to make sense of the world, testing their boundaries, and discovering the fact that they are a separate being from their parents.

As toddlers explore new possibilities, they are often expected to be wild and observant. This is the time when they seek inspiration and gain new learning experiences by unleashing their creativity. Toddlers are young little minds, always suspicious of the weird things going on around them. 

Hence, encouraging any kind of craft play in toddlers will not only be a source of fun and entertainment for them but they will also learn some important developmental skills which will later help shape their sense of creative imagination. Toddlers’ crafts give your little ones a chance to speak their minds and tell their own stories. They feel good and confident about themselves.

DIY Craft ideas for toddlers

1- DIY Leaf Painting

DIY Leaf Painting

” Great art picks up where nature ends.”

Nature-related art inspires toddlers to find a new doorway into the real world. They learn about the beauty of trees and land. They explore new flowers and plants.  Inspire your little ones to take a walk in your garden and make them pick different shapes of leaves that interest their eye. After that, give him a handful of watercolors and watch him as he paints his impressions across different leaves and scatter his imagination on a blank sheet of paper.

Craft Materials Required:-

 – Acrylic paint 

– Drawing sheets 

– Leaves

2:- DIY Thread Painting 

 DIY Thread Painting

“Weave beautifully your small thread with great inspiration”

A fun and interesting way to create beautiful paintings and attractive patterns. Thread painting is a perfect technique to inspire toddlers with the concept of shapes, designs, and unique patterns. Not only your little ones will enjoy doing it but also they will have a lot of fun creating their own unique designs. Give them a piece of thread and make them paint it in their favorite color. Then make them place the thread gently between the folded drawing sheet. Pull it slowly and here is your exquisite design of thread painting.

Craft Materials Required:-

– Sewing thread

– Paint

– Drawing sheet

3:- Blow Painting with Straws

Blow Painting with Straws

Are you looking for some new DIY Craft ideas to inspire your kids to have fun and learn new things?

We have the perfect solution for you. Kids love colors and playing with straws. Blow painting is a super fun activity that provides great opportunities for experimentation and always ends in unpredictable and amazing results. Mix liquid watercolors in different cups with water. Place your fingertip on top of the straw and lift it without removing your finger. Then gently place the straw over your paper and let the paint drop. Now ask your little one to place the straw near the drop of paint and blow to move the paint around. After completion, you can use permanent markers to outline your creative piece of thread work out.

Craft Materials Required:- 

– Straws

– Liquid watercolors 

– Small cups

– Drawing sheet

– Tray

4:- DIY thumb painting 

DIY thumb painting

” The world is but a canvas to the imagination. “

 A simple craft, your kids will definitely enjoy. Thumb painting is the perfect activity for kids to learn how to make use of their little hands and have fun at the same time. It is a great craft for the development of young minds. You can encourage your child to learn basic math concepts by having them paint numbers and shapes. First, draw any desired shape with a pencil on the drawing sheet. Then mix water to your liquid colors using a brush. Then coat the paint on your little one’s thumb.  And allow him to apply each of his imprints on the drawing sheet. At last, you can outline each print with a black sketch pen to give it a finishing look.

Craft Materials Required:-

– White drawing paper

– Watercolors

– Paintbrushes 

– Black sketch pen

5- Painted Pasta Necklace

Painted Pasta Necklace

Doesn’t coloring pasta sound a bit weird and interesting to you?

A painted pasta Necklace is a simple yet endearing craft that instills a new sense of creativity in your playful toddlers. They learn the art of decoration and coloring. It is a fun and interesting activity that does not require using many outdoor supplies. It’s slowly becoming the most popular and doable craft for kids. Once the pasta is painted, necklaces can be made by simply threading the pieces together with thread or long shoelaces. The options for painted pasta Necklaces are limitless. Let your kids paint on those blank canvases their dreamy imaginations.

Craft materials Required:- 

– Dried pasta

– Paint and brushes 

– Thread 

Contribute to your child’s growth with our easy-to-make DIY craft ideas. 

“Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Image source: Pexels , Momcaster

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