50 trendy Indian baby boy names with their meaning

A Guide to Choosing the Right Indian Baby Boy Name That will Fit Your Child’s Character

We all know the importance of naming your baby.  Selecting the baby boy’s name can be a lot tricky and not at all easy as you must’ve been thinking. It’s not just about giving him a name. The name you choose will always somehow reflect personality, character and the life ahead.

There are many different factors that may influence the decision of what is the best name for your child. Some of these factors may be your culture, the meaning of the name, and how common it is. Nowadays  Baby boy names are categorized as either traditional, modern or exotic 

Don’t worry We’ve got you all covered. Take a look at what names are trending in 2021, and pick a baby name from our top 50 boys’ names of 2021, and how to choose between popular and unique baby names.  But before checking out the list of the latest baby boy names, ask yourself:

Do you both love this name?

Do you want your baby to be called by this name?

How does the baby boy’s name sound with your surname?

 Do you think he’ll like this name? 

Can you see yourself calling him by this name?

These are some questions to ask yourself before picking a new or unique baby boy name for your new or soon-to-be-born son.

Many people believe that they can’t choose a good name for their child unless they know what sex that child will be. This is not necessarily true. You can get creative and do some research into finding a cute and meaningful name.

Here are 50 Trending Indian baby boy names with meaning to help you find the perfect name for your son.

50 Trendy Indian Baby Boy Names with Meaning

  1.  Aadrik -The name Aadrik refers to “the sun rising between the mountains.
  2. Aahan -The name Aahan refers to “dawn, sunrise, or first ray of light.
  3. Abhimanyu–  you can name your son Abhimanyu After the name of Arjun son in Mahabharata
  4.  adhyan–  The name adhyayan means one who is rising
  5.  Advaith– It is another name for Lord Vishnu which means to the  one who supports others
  6.  agastya– the name agastya has its origin from Vedic Sage as per Hindu mythology
  7. Aakav -It is of Sanskrit origin meaning “silhouette”
  8. Aditya it means the sun
  9. Akshay– the one who is eternal immortal or  Indestructible
  10. Anay – It Refers to the sacred wood apple tree, also wine, and the Jasmine creeper
  11. Atharv – It is the name of Lord Ganesh 
  12. Ayaan – It is someone who is religiously inclined, or and considered as a Gift of God
  13. Babil – it refers to someone who is renowned for magic and mind
  14. Chandran – It is one of the popular names meaning the Moon
  15. Chirag -The name Chirag originates from a Sanskrit word, which means the “lamp.”
  16. Daiwik – The name means something “sacred” or “divine.” It also means “by the grace of God.
  17. Daksh –  The name Daksh means a precious son.  And it also means talented or excellent.
  18. Darsh – A modern variation of Lord Krishna’s name. The name Darsh also refers to that time of the day when the moon just becomes visible.
  19. Esh – It is the other name for Lord Vishnu 
  20. Grahil – It is the name synonym for Lord Krishna 
  21. Harsh – The name Harsh means “joy,” “excitement,” or “happiness.
  22. Hrithik -was the name of a sage in Indian mythology. The name Hrithik means “an intelligent person.
  23. Ishaan – Ishaan is another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Ishaan also means “the Sun” and “harbinger of riches.”
  24. Ivan – The name Ivan means “the Sun.” The name Ivan also means “glorious and gracious gift of God.”
  25. Jai– The name Jai comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “victory
  26. Jihan – This can be your perfect match as Jihan means the Universe.
  27. Kabir – Kabir is the name of a revered Sufi saint, and it means “great.”
  28. Kairav – The name Kairav means “one who is born from the water.” Kairav also refers to “white lotus.”
  29. Kavan – The name Kavan originates from an Indian word which means, “poem or poetry.
  30. Lekh – It is a Sanskrit word meaning writing 
  31. Meet – It refers to a friend 
  32. Mayan – The name Mayan refers to the God of Love and the one who is indifferent to wealth.
  33. Nihal – The name Nihal means joyous or successful 
  34. Nivan – The name Nivan refers to something pious or sacred. Nivan also means “bound or limited.
  35. Oviyan– Oviyan refers to a Artist 
  36. Pransh – Another name for Lord Vishnu, Pransh, refers to “one who is full of life. 
  37. Pranit –  A leader – One who leads 
  38. Rayyan – It originates from the Urdu word meaning Gates of heaven
  39. Rishann – Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishaan refers to an individual who “seeks enlightenment.” The name Rishaan also refers to a “good human being.
  40. Rudra – Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name Rudra also means “the remover of pain.”
  41. Sriansh – A name with a religious significance, Sriansh refers to “he who is born with a part of Lord Vishnu.”
  42. Sarvin– The name Sarvin means Victory.
  43. Sharvil– A name for Lord Krishna, the name Sharvil has its origin from “Sharv,” a word which means sacred to Lord Shiva.
  44. Tarak – It originates from a Sanskrit word, and means a “star.” The name Tarak also means “protector.”
  45. Tuhin – The word has an origin From Sanskrit meaning Snow.
  46. Udarsh means Brimming
  47. Viraj – Viraj is the mythical primeval being associated with creation who is often personified as the secondary creator.
  48. Vihaan– The name Vihaan means “dawn or beginning of a new era
  49. Yug – The word Yug means an era.

It is important that parents carefully select the name for their child. The name you give your child will stay with them forever. It is not something that can be changed easily. A name has an impact on the person’s character and future relationships.

We hope you got what you were looking for in your child’s name!!

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