5 Benefits of journaling for kids that parents need to know

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

Journals are the best way to express your unsaid feelings and to pen down all and everything that’s bothering you. 

A journal or a diary is the secret holder of our suppressed emotions and anger. A journal probably comes with a leather or vinyl cover, stacks of blank pages, and maybe even a lock and key. If you are a parent and you are unaware of what journaling is, then you definitely need to get some awareness about the benefits of journaling. 

A journal is an effective tool that might help your kid’s emotional and mental development. It will also teach them how to keep things organized and well-maintained. It can help your child to jot down all the complex things he often tends to forget. 

It can help your child in articulating their emotions and thoughts. You can also call journaling- scribbling your own authentic soul out on paper. Journaling helps increase self-awareness, confidence, sympathy, and discipline.

“Journaling is a good way to help us to stop, take a step back, and reflect on ourselves.”

Journaling can help us to function better in many diverse zones of life, particularly in education. Journaling is a moral activity for progenies who are reluctant to express themselves so they can have their own isolated space to pen down their thoughts. 

It can also be extremely beneficial as an educational utensil when your youngster has struggled with any of the complex topics. 

For instance, he can have a math journal where he engraves down the complications he has with thoughts along with the methods and how he overpowered the hurdle. Going rear through the records in those bulletins can help cement the learning process and lift his understanding. Journaling can also be an opening for children going through difficult times emotionally or mentally. It is a great technique to realize oneself in a non-judgmental approach.


1. Strengthens Scripting and Communication Skills

Journaling helps students excel in their academic careers, it helps students to express their ideas clearly. Badly written solutions or reports suggest that your student is a low performer. Continuous writing helps students to sharpen their writing skills and as a result, it will help them in making excellent projects with well-organized structures. The prior children start with journaling, the improved they get at writing undoubtedly with less error.

2. Advances Reading and Comprehension

Reading and comprehension skills are vital for everyone. Students must develop these skills to recite and read with confidence. It also helps improve their speaking skills, which in turn helps them to perform better in college. Journaling stimulates children to read additional content from other relevant sources, as their love for reading and writing increases with time. It also helps in shaping their vocabulary and sentence formation while writing. This builds the speed with which they read and also their ability to grasp quickly. 

3. Makes Writing Fascinating

Offspring who aren’t familiar with writing can see it as an unattainable challenge or suffering that is only restricted to homework. Journaling can change this attitude of theirs. It can become one of the finest styles of self-expression when students get to know about the various advantages of journaling. It explains to them that writing is fun, especially when it includes pictures, stickers, doodles, and even other exciting stuff. 

4. Arouses Creativity

Journaling helps arouse creativity in a student. A student tends to explore different genres once he starts journaling, and thus his imagination begins to travel to faraway places. Journaling is also a form of storytelling, as it tends to connect the neural pathways, located in the mind, with creativity. By inspiring your youngster to start journaling consistently, you are allowing him to nurture his artistic thinking skills and become a great storyteller.

5. Seeing Things from a Diverse Perspective

Journaling helps in speeding up the thought process by making an accurate assessment of past circumstances and viewing it from a different perspective. This is an ability that’s extremely useful when justifying their personality or writing an argumentative essay. It teaches them the concept of self-awareness and conscience. Hence nourishing them to become better individuals in the future. In the long run, this translates to their skill to write an article or an essay in an extremely structured and reasonable manner. This cleverness in writing is vital to success in high school, and college as writing essays is a key component of coursework.

“Writing in a journal each day allows you to direct your focus to what you accomplished, what you are grateful for, and what you are committed to doing better tomorrow. Thus, you deepen your journey each day.”

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