Festive Décor Ideas

The season of festivities is here and it’s time to turn our focus towards our beautiful homes. This year many of us ended up spending an inadvertently large amount of time at home. So improvements and a focus on décor were a given. However, with the year drawing to a close and the celebrations starting to begin, we have some quick festive décor hacks for you from Instagram influencer, Rati Chaudhury.

Get a canopy of lights for your balcony. It’s a one time investment but lightens up the house like never before. Lights are an integral part of festive décor and never fail to lift up the spirits.

Brass Pots with Marigolds These props will bring in the splash of color with a touch of class. Marigolds are easy to come by during winters and are totally inexpensive. Use your old brass pots and pep them up with the burst of color from marigolds.

Use your Dupattas as table runners This is an easy hack and will help you put your old dupattas to good use. Also serves as an easy break from non stop consumerism and can be your bit to recycle and reuse.

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