The Sound of Music for Kids: An interview with Sonam Upadhyaya, Founder, Mozartsy

With 18 years of experience in teaching music and her little one’s interest in the same, Sonam Upadhyaya founded Mozartsy in 2010 to develop innovative workshops aimed specifically at exploring musical concepts and musical instruments for kids. The programme is developed to give kids a first-hand exposure to eight different Indian and & Western Musical Instruments via LIVE Performances by Maestros in their fields. Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Tabla, Dhol, Violin, Sitar & Flute etc. and music from all over the world based on a variety of genres like jazz, rock, classical, folk.

What made you start Mozartsy?

When my daughter, Shanaya, was just one-and-a-half years old, I was really amazed with her interest in musical instruments, that’s when I thought of extending this wonderful gift of music to other kids as well and after rigorous research I crafted a summer workshop for Delhi kids. The first few workshops had received tremendous response from parents confirming the growing need for this kind of education.

It is said that music makes a kid smarter? Is it true? How does music help in overall development?

Music helps us to balance our logic and creativity and thus allows the child to absorb any other knowledge better. Research has proven that music can have a positive impact on children’s learning, including language and literacy skills like vocabulary, comprehension, listening, expression, as well as on social and emotional development, mathematics and pattern-recognition skills, and even ability to plan, guide, and self-regulate behavior.

How to introduce music consciously into a kid’s routine? Should we take an effort or should it happen naturally?

As a parent, we all tend to infuse music into a child’s daily activities even without making a special effort. We usually play and sing while feeding them or simply while talking and playing with them. But yes, as you rightly asked, we must make an effort to teach them music at an early age so they can start appreciating and learning music.

What was it like setting up on your own? What were the initial teething troubles? I am the first generation entrepreneur in my family, so everything initially was on instinct. With tremendous support from family and friends in the music fraternity, it was quite an easy ride.

How did you juggle travel, entrepreneurship and parenting? 
Family is extremely important for me, so that was always a priority: and since this was my first business venture so work was extremely demanding. But i would say if you just remember to stay focused in the present and make sure you distribute the time equally then everything is smooth. I created a routine, set clear objectives and believed in staying present in the moment and giving every moment my 100 percent , yet at the same time I didn’t forget to embrace self care. 

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