Screen free activities for families

Due to lockdown and increased time at home, children are now relying on screens more than ever, for schoolwork, assignments, passing time, and for having fun. 

While distance learning makes an impeccable increase in the screen time graph. Screen time can have a bad effect on children’s physical and mental health. 

We should limit our children to incorporating some of the screen-free tasks that make good after-school activities for students. 

Which also helps them to break up with the monotony of working online all day. You can also set outdoor tasks for children which will boost their power of thinking, creativity, problem-solving approaches, and much more. This will also act as a refreshing element for them. 

And they will be able to reconnect online the next day with a fresh mood and with great energy and well-being. 

To protect your children from unlimited screen-time activities, we have prepared a list of fun activities that will allow your children to live an interesting and energetic life.

1- Craft Activities

Designed to develop your kid’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Getting crafty can help your children in improving their fine motor skills. 

Each of these activities comes with instructions, and easy-to-use items commonly found around the house or in nature. 

Why not ask your child to make a “Things to Look Forward To Wellbeing” Jar to help them maintain a positive mindset amongst all the current negative environments.

 Referring back to the wellbeing jar could be a regular off-screen afternoon activity for students to end their day with a positive attitude.

2- Puzzles and Games

Puzzle-related games promote the problem-solving skills and logical reasoning of your students. 

A wide variety of games from indoor board games and bingo to guessing and drawing games can keep children engaged and entertained while learning. Also, you can keep them more focused on their academic curriculum with this Mathopoly times table board. 

It works like Monopoly, but Instead of using property, it has math problems for children to solve which allows them to learn while having fun.  

Making time for a game as an afternoon activity is a sure way to keep kids engaged towards the end of the school day and also makes it an exciting alternative to limit screen work. 

3- Outdoor Activities

Staying indoors the whole day during lockdown can put a huge stress on a child’s mental health. 

So, it is necessary to make the most out of outdoor activities. Ask your children to explore the garden with a family member or take a walk in your local green space with an adult who tells them the importance of interacting with nature. 

They could also create beautiful framed pieces of art out of a different variety of natural leaves and stones and carve out a fantastic Photo Frame.

4- Movement

Kids must get their bodies constantly moving with daily exercises to keep them fit, even during the lockdown. 

This is a great way to get your children to track down the different things they did during a week, and what their most and least favorite exercises were. Avoid using smartphones and digital cameras during this certain period. Allocate an hour for a fitness session as an afternoon fun activity.

5- Baking

There are lots of things involved in baking, for example, measuring, weighing, and telling the time. 

So why not inspire your kids to bake little things at home? Baking boosts fine motor skills. It can also be a mindful and calming activity. 

6- Reading

Reading is one of the best ways for children to develop their learning outside the classroom. 

A good page-turning will keep children entertained while also allowing them to build their reading and comprehension skills. 

You could also inspire your students to start a journal and write about each book they have read. 

This could be an opportunity for an afternoon reading activity where kids read a section of a book and then write a report on it, about what they get to learn from that section. 

You can also ask kids to give recommendations to each other based on what they’ve read and enjoyed.

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