Working Mom Prachi Pratap, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, on how working moms can balance work, motherhood and me-time.

After completing my Bachelors in History from Delhi University in the year 2003, I went on to get a graduate diploma in Marketing & Finance from Central Queensland University, Melbourne, Australia in the year 2007. I pursued LLB and finished it in the year 2013 after having my daughter. I believe one should never stop learning. I have Certificat de Moyen, Francaise from Alliance Francaise, New Delhi. I was awarded Climate Change International Legal Regime (Certificate) from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in the year 2021. Currently I am a practicing advocate in the Supreme Court of India.

Portraying the role of both a mother and a working woman, I can say that there is never really a balance between both. The boundaries are blurred. The most beautiful thing I heard was and to quote Ketanji Jackson Brown (first Black Lady Judge of US Supreme Court), “Girls, I know it has not been easy as I have tried to navigate the challenges of juggling my career and motherhood. And I fully admit that I did not always get the balance right.”

 The balance between motherhood and work has to be re-established with every given situation. Sometimes the pendulum sways more in one direction than the other, and then balance is restored.

Motherhood gives you the strength you never knew you had. One such moment of eternal strength is when I travelled with my 4-day old child to take my law exams. It was a challenge for a first-time mother to go through postpartum, new baby and exams. Yet, that is still my most precious memory of strength, gratitude and resilience.

Every role needs a bit of us. Yet it is better to essay the roles, than sit and stagnate. I have given up bits of me, to gain experiences. I do not miss me time, I believe we create the life we love. I wake up early, have my alone time, of reflections, planning and reading. It helps me anchor my energy and plans for the day. My family respects that space. I have never felt I missed anything. I have been blessed to be able to balance both aspects of life. I made breakfast, school lunch, dropped and picked the child, took her for extracurricular activities, and took her to work with me. So, I am extremely fortunate to have not missed anything.

All working mothers share the same denominator: paucity of time. However, I have realised over the years, working mothers raise resilient children. Children who have witnessed mothers multi-tasking and with strong work ethics, grow up to be problem solvers and more adaptable. Strong women raise strong children.

As for the children who have working mothers, they often compare their lives with their peers, and sometimes feel their mothers are less available. However, most working mothers always spend more quality time with their children. The one advice I have for children is to support their mothers, they deserve it. They are individuals with dreams and need support to accomplish their full potential”.

                                                               -Prachi Pratap, Advocate, Supreme Court of India

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