On Sisterhood and Friendships: With Asha Parekh

Asha Parekh With Friends

I am more sure about what friendship means, a sense of oneness and belonging. Without a second thought I would go with Kahlil Gibran’s pithy phrase, “Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.”

With the passage of time either friends per force lose contact. They succumb to advancing age, migrate, move to other cities. Once in a while there is an SMS, a substitute for a postcard nowadays. The number of friends do shrink drastically.

Come together: reunion with the J.B. Petit School buddies

Lucky to have childhood friends still around..

Fortunately I have been blessed, a majority of my childhood friends have kept in touch, we meet up on birthdays and their wedding anniversaries, or host lunches to check out if we are still joyous and kicking. Jini is just a ten-minute drive away from my house and continues to be my Agony Aunt. My J.B. Petit School buddies are just a shout away.

Never lose touch with cousins..

My cousin, Amina Arsiwala from Mum’s side of the family, is my jaan. My Dad’s extended family of cousins, their wives and grand-nephews, dote on me and vice versa. There can be no Diwali festivities in my house without them.

And smiles to go: with Shammi Aunty, Waheeda Rehman and Helen

True friendships in the industry…
Fortunately too some of my peers from the film industry have remained bonded. I cannot think of my life without the presence of Shammi Aunty, Waheeda (Rehman), Helen (Khan) and Saira Banu. They are my anchors, my besties, my support system. Put Shammi Aunty, Waheeda, Helen and me together in a room and you would see a bunch of women who have gone through untold vicissitudes and now so much the richer for the experience. I am probably the most immature of the lot, taking life in a lighter vein whenever we have travelled together or met at movie previews or lunched at restaurants.

Excerpted from The Hit Girl, Asha Parekh by Khalid Mohamed with permission from OM Books International

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