Arfa Siddiqui, returned to work in Barbados after becoming a New Mom

“After completing my graduation in Electronic Media and post-graduation in Broadcasting Journalism, I decided to pursue MBA. So, I went ahead and took admission in it. I finished my course in the year 2019 just before the onset of the deadly Corona virus. I got a job as a Recruiter in American University of Barbados where I handle student recruitments, their visa, travelling documents, etc.

In the year 2021, I got blessed with a baby boy. My life changed that too in the most beautiful way. Being with my baby the whole day, playing with him, watching him laugh was just so fulfilling but I had to get back to work too. The thought of being away from my son broke my heart. My families, especially my in- laws, play a vital role in this. They take care of my son while me and my husband go to work.  We both leave for work early morning and return in the evening. My father- in- law and my mother- in- law both look after my son all day. But despite of that it gets very difficult to maintain a balance between work and being a mom. You have to give your 100% in both places. On one hand, you have to be present for your baby, you have to fulfil your baby’s needs and wishes and on the other hand you also have to be present at work and fulfil your duties. But somehow with the support of my husband, my family and with the support of my colleagues, I am able to do it.

One thing that I miss, that being a house mom could have given me is I think I would have some time to myself, for getting rest, for mental peace because when I am in my office, I am working and when I get back home, I have to look after my baby. So, I have to play two roles and the constant juggle between the two roles doesn’t leave any time for rest or for any other thing. Also, suppose for example, my child is not well so this is the only thing which keeps running on my mind all day, whether I am at home or at work. So, I think being at house would have made life slight easier.

Although being a mother is very fulfilling, but it is not easy. I don’t remember when I last had a ‘me time’ with myself. I really don’t remember it. But when you reach home and your baby gets really happy to see you, everything feels worth it. Every exhaustion, every hardship feels worth it after seeing my baby happy and smiling. When I reach home after work and I see my son and he is really happy to see me back home, that right there is the best moment of my everyday life”, writes Arfa Siddiqui on the struggles of being a working mother.

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