Meet Ayushi Tandon, as she shares with us the importance of having a support system for mothers

“I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Modern Girls College of Professional Studies. After finishing my graduation from Delhi University in 2010 and Masters from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics in 2013, I got married and had a son who is now 4 years old.

I believe that the key to work and personal life balance is family support and domestic help. Apart from this, your daily routine plays a key role in keeping a balance between work life and personal life. Finding a good daycare center for my child is another important thing which helps me keep a balance.

It took time for me to set a routine. But I start my day early and I get my me time. Because of a set routine, I even get time to pick him up from school and seeing his expression when he sees me makes everything worth it.

The support of family plays a crucial role in all of this. My family has supported me on all possible occasions, especially my husband by taking care of our child when he falls sick and I am unable to get leave from work. There are many such examples in which my family has been my backbone in difficult times, handling things so that I don’t get too overwhelmed with everything.

The lockdown proved to be a boon in my life as I got to spend a lot of time with my son. I got an opportunity to do all the things for my child all by myself which usually I am not able to because of work like feeding him, bathing him, massaging him, playing with him. I enjoyed his childhood. One beautiful moment which is worth mentioning is that once my child saw my stretch marks which I got due to pregnancy.  He saw it and said “Mumma, this is beautiful!” I was overwhelmed with happiness and love for my little boy.

My advice to all the working moms out there would be to be patient. Patience is a virtue which can help you go a long way. And there is a need to speak up for yourself if nobody else is doing so. A balance should be maintained between what is acceptable and what’s not.

My advice for kids of working mothers, is don’t ever take your mother for granted. Support her and be there for her.”

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