Top 5 Emerging Boy Influencers to Watchout

We are living in a new era of fame. A majority of famous people nowadays are not Bollywood actors or Musicians, but children who have amassed hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers on social media.

The same way that parents use to help their children get better at sports, is now helping their kids teach them how to manage social media, create content, and cultivate an online following.

Parental involvement is important for any child looking to become an influencer – be it in sports or entertainment. Parents need to be active in taking the time out to teach the child what they need to know about their profession and how they can best go about doing it. 

Children might not always take kindly to parental involvement in their lives, but without it, they will never learn anything. Social Media is now an important part of one’s life. The number of children using Instagram has been steadily rising. Even instagram is working on creating a children friendly space  for below 13 years.

Kids are curious and they want to learn and explore. And exploring through social media can be tricky and they need guidance and inspiration. 

We’ve listed the 5 boys who are in it and are doing good.











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