Mango Lassi Ice Cream Recipe

Mango Lassi Icecream recipe

Tasty food is something that impresses your tummy but having a delicious meal with your family and friends creates a strong and lovely bond that magically lasts a lifetime.

Kunal Kapoor, an Indian Celebrity chef, and a Passionate Adventurer, is known for hosting and judging MasterChef India. The committed chef is extremely passionate about Indian cuisine. He trains underprivileged and unemployed youth in cooking and offers them his knowledgeable insights on the lost and hidden culinary treasures of regional India. 

Kunal’s name was cited by the Limca Book of Records for creating India’s largest chocolate Tower. He not only promotes the humble idea of healthy cooking but also takes food enthusiasts from different cultural backgrounds on culinary adventures around the country.

Sharing food and eating together brings your loved ones closer and helps them make some long-lasting memories together. Aren’t you tired of making those easy-to-cook, boring recipes? Do you desperately want to make some tempting, finger-licking recipes?

Then we have the perfect solution for you.

Mango Lassi Ice Cream – The Purely Distinctive Trio. A perfect combination of three summer delicacies.

Kunal’s mango lassi ice cream is richly made by blending curd, sugar, and pieces of mango pulp and freezing them together. The three dessert ingredients are mixed in this recipe to offer you a smooth, creamy, and delicious treat. 

Mango – the king of fruits is one of the delicious summer fruits grown in the tropics. The pulpy, juicy mangoes have a pleasant flavor and rich sweet taste with a long list of healthy benefits. This exotic, yellow-colored fruit is the primal specialty of summer. 

On the other hand, Lassi – A blend of yogurt, water, and spices, is a popular dahi-based drink. It is also flavored sometimes with sugar, rosewater, strawberry, or other fruit juices. Lassi is usually creamy like a milkshake.

This summer make perfect scoops of mango lassi ice cream and offer yourself a mouth-watering frozen treat.

Level: Easy

Duration: 15 Mins


Mango – 2 nos. (large) (peeled & pulp removed)

Curd – 1 cup (thick)

Sugar – 3 tbsp


In a blender, add mangoes, curd and sugar. Blend into a smooth purée.

• Pour the purée into a tub or ice cream moulds. Freeze these for about 2 hours and remove. Using a whisk, stir so that there are no or very few ice crystals.

• Keep the moulds in the deep freezer till completely frozen.

• Scoop and serve frozen.

Summer has a flavor like no other. It means happy times and good sunshine. Begin your summer with Kunal Kapur’s one of the finest, most-loved recipes. 

Summer memories last forever. Enjoy the lazy, crazy days of summer with Kunal Kapur’s, one of the finest, delectable mango recipes. 

Fill your kitchen with the wonderful aroma of seasoned mangoes and offer your family and friends unconditional love.

Excerpted with permission from OM Books International from the titleKunal Kapur In The Kitchenby Kunal Kapur.

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