THMC Recommends Top 5 Preschools in Delhi/ NCR

We hear a lot about the importance of attending preschool, but what exactly is preschool? Preschool is sometimes called kindergarten, but it’s really more like daycare with some extra activities to help prepare children for school.

It’s always considered that sending their child to school early is a good idea. After all, it gives them an advantage in developing reading and writing skills, learning new things and being with other children. 

The importance of preschool readiness cannot be overstated. Children who are preschool-ready tend to do better in school, have better social skills, and are less likely to act out or experience anxiety.

For kids, the transition from home to preschool is often difficult. They may not be able to sleep at night. They may become clingy and agitated. And they may just seem more subdued than usual. Preschool-readiness is about so much more than just preparing your child for school – it’s also about preparing your child for the new world that they’re entering into!

The parents’ role in preparing their children for preschool starts at birth and it continues until the child is old enough to be enrolled into school. The preparation process should start with choosing a preschool that has a curriculum that suits their needs. It should also include making sure the child has all necessary skills including language skills, social skills, maths, science and more.

Education is the gateway to success. The more we prepare our children for it, the better their chances of success in school and life.

The three tips to prepare your child from birth to age 4 for school are:

1) expose them to a variety of languages and sounds early on.

2) introduce them to new words and concepts as they develop new skills.

3) provide them with opportunities for creative play.

We should always be sensitive to the way we interact with our children, as this will affect how they learn and, consequently, how they treat others.

Choosing the perfect preschool is an important decision as it impacts your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.

The right preschool should make your child feel like they are at home and give them a feeling of safety and warmth. They should provide a variety of activities to keep the children engaged and stimulate their development. It would be best to get a recommendation from someone who has gone through this experience themselves or has experience in the field.

THMC recommends Top 5 pre-schools in Delhi Ncr are as follows:


Contact – +91 11 2467 6666 & +91 8587 845 552



Playful Minds 

Contact – +91 8800914333 , +91 8800974666

Instagram – 


Dreaming Child

Contact – 9873459656, 8826231061 

Instagram – 


Step by Step Nursery School

Contact – 011-26494130 , 011-26494957 

Facebook – 


The Shri ram early years

Contact – +91-8882 676 553 +91-9953 613 785

Instagram – 


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